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Memorial created 05-21-2008 by
Demi's - Mother Jodi
~ DEMI BRAE CUCCIA ~ Dating Beyond Control -
August 14 1991 - August 15 2007











  “The  Demi Brae Cuccia  Memorial Foundation”

is determined to keep Demi’s legacy alive by actively focusing on the prevalence and the dangers  of

"Teen Dating Violence”.  

Since Demi's, tragic, unforeseen murder, on August 15,2007 (age 16) my children and I established the

Demi Brae Memorial Foundation in 2007.

Our mission is to publicly educate teenagers, parents and educators on the warning signs of Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention.

 Being Demi's advocate for Teen Dating Violence, along with creating

- Dating Beyond Control - a non profit Education Program -

to share Demi's Story




  allows us to continue to gift others with the knowledge that she and I did not have. Education on TDV would have saved her life.

Contact me at    demismother@yahoo.com  

Demi's Mother

Jodi L. Miceli (Cuccia) -  

Facebook - Dating Beyond Control


312 Elliott Dr. Monroeville PA 15146 

 This Online Memorial is being created in Loving Memory of       

 Demi  Brae  Cuccia ~,

Please let us know you came to visit by signing her guestbook.
We miss Demi.....forever.
Demi   Brae  Cuccia
 “Life’s  short,  Enjoy  it!!!”
Me In a Nutshell
I am a very interesting person because I have different interest. One interest of mine is talking on the phone. I love to go shopping with friends. In the summer
I like to swim, roller blade, and go on vacation to my grandma’s (Carole) cottage. I also like to play with my little sister Saige and watch TV – also I like to go to the movies with my friends.
I always like to just come home, sit back, and listen to my radio. I have many - interest, and that’s what makes me interesting.
Just The Basics
There are many basic facts about me. I’ll start with my hair it’s brown and long. My eyes are hazel and my height is 4’11”. I have a lot of family members and pets.
My favorite colors are pink, purple and orange. I love to shop, watch TV, listen to the radio and CD’s and talk on the phone. I have many basics about me and that’s what makes me, well me.
Little Known Facts About Me
There are many things about me that people don’t know. I wasn’t born in a hospital I was born at home in Austell Georgia. I lived there until I was two.
I also have a platelet disorder called ITP.
I was home schooled until second grade then again in sixth grade.
I am afraid of needles and Indians.
These are just a few things that aren’t known about me.
Happiness Is
There are little and big things that make me happy. Something that makes me happy is the last day of school, because I am one year closer to being done! I love when I go shopping and out with my family.
What also makes me happy is when I do something to make someone proud. A lot of things make me happy, big and small. 

Pet Peeves

I have many pet peeves about many different things. One of my pet peeves are when people squish me and spit on my food at lunch. I hate when people scrape their nails on the chalk board.
I also dislike when people leave the toilet seat up and don’t wash their hands when they’re done. Another dislike is when my mom hurries me to get done. The last one I’ll say is when people keep calling while I’m doing my homework.
Even though I don’t like these pet peeves, I try to find a way to deal with them.
What I Do In My Free Time
When I have free time I like to do a variety of things. In my free time I love to dance. I also love to workout, and go shopping with friends. Also I listen to my CD’s.
I talk on the phone and computer, and I love to draw. Also in my free time I play with my animals. I have many different things I like to do in my free time.
Heroes and Heroines
I have at least two people I admire; my Mom (Jodi) and Jessica Simpson.
My Mom is one of my heroines because she is my Mom and she does a lot for other people and not very much for herself. She tries to help me when I get stuck on something like my homework foe example.
My other heroine is Jessica Simpson because she is a wonderful singer and she never gives up when people talk about her.
She is very sweet and funny and makes you laugh all the time.
Even though I only listed a few things why, there are still so many more about why they are my heroines.
When I Was Small
When I was a small child I had many things different about me, then today. I WAS BORN IN Atlanta Georgia, and moved to PA when I was two.
When I was born I had to have surgery because I had a staff infection. As I was growing to be a toddler I had very light brown hair, hazel eyes, and a friendly personality, My sister was born when I was three, then we got a dog.
As I was growing to school age, my mom wanted to home school my brother and I. I entered public school in second grade, and have been in public school ever since. As I became older, a lot of things have changed since I was small.
The Future
I have many plans for the future, including my job and family.
When I am out of school I want to go to a good college to be some kind of doctor. I either want to be a chiropractor, or a kind of baby doctor.
For my family life I want to have at least three kids, and a nice house. I want to live by the beach and have a lot of fun.
If I am poor then I will live in a small home. I will try to get a better job and help support my family.

I hope, and pray

I will be able to fulfill my thoughts
about the future.




This Memorial is for Demi,

Our Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter and Friend ♦

 Your smile and kindness warmed the hearts of all you met. Sadly it has now been  8 years, -  Demi since you left us and started your new life in Heaven, but there isn't a day 

that goes by that you are not remembered.
Always with a smile and always with pain in our heart
and tears in our eyes with our loss of you. You are so loved and missed.
 Some people think that because it has now been -  8 years - the pain is less,
but that is not true. 
Sadly, some people know the excruciating pain and anguish we live with every day.


Demi, you made our family complete, and now there is a huge void in our lives that no one will ever fill. Each day is a chore to get thru but we have no choice but to continue on, but knowing someday again we will be reunited helps us thru.
So many times we wish for you to walk back thru the door or to hear your laughter, or even to see that frown. What we would give to just be able to sit and talk with you again and to share a hug. Demi was a very giving and loving person.

She was very family oriented and always willing to do for others. You would have made such a good mommy.
But I know you are there with other teenagers who departed too early, and amongst all the little angels that God has picked out especially for you to watch over and too love.
We love you and miss you sweetheart so much.

It hurts so much to have the family together and to look around and you are not there with us. But your faith in God never faltered.
For now you are our own special angel, and we know regardless what we do or where we are, you walk beside us and that gives us strength to carry on.
  May you always know just how much we love
you and miss you and we ask God to keep you close to Him and in His loving care until once again we can be reunited.
God Bless You - Demi.



Words are powerful. They point beyond themselves as a signpost illuminating a greater reality. But there are times when words are not enough.
There are mysteries too deep that lie beyond their reach, such as when a joy experienced is too great, or sorrows are too deep to be expressed.
In such encounters, words seem rudimentary and inadequate. Nothing written can adequately capture the depth of what is being experienced or contemplated.

This  August 14, 2016

  As family and friends approach the, 9th anniversary - after the tragic murder of our 16 year old granddaughter Demi, from Teenage Domestic Violence, its time to reflect on who Demi was and the events that have occurred since that tragic day of

August 15, 2007
Demi was a vibrant, caring, compassionate person since day one, and knew the extraordinarily meaning of family values and team strength and practiced those virtues in all aspects of her life.

Being a cheerleader of Gateway’s senior high school cheerleading squad, taught her to reach out, to support others no matter how difficult the circumstances.


Demi reached out to her whole family and peers, with respect and dignity and questioned why others sometimes treat people so mean.

She was one beautiful loving teenager that didn’t have a mean spirited or selfish or prideful streak in her.

As people gather to remember Demi, ..... try to grasp the virtues and character that made her so special to family and friends.



After August 15, 2007 - Demi’s mother Jodi continued to raise Demi’s brother Jake (age 18)
and her sister Saige (age 13) as a single parent.

In the days, weeks, months, and years following Demi’s tragic death, the grief, shock, pain and despair that she and her children endured was beyond the pale of human countenance.
The battle to support her children physically providing a home for her family, financially, mentally, and spiritually reached new heights month after month and year after year.
Looking back at the last 8 years, Jodi and her children have survived the darkest pits of despair and all of the confusing directions she and her children endured to escape the pain of Demi’s death by murder from an ex boyfriend.
Jodi has my un-ending support and admiration for guiding her children through many raging storms of confusing emotions.
Her un-yielding love, perseverance and always being there for her children, has helped them to take back and retain the attributes of kindness and caring, so similar to those of their sister Demi.     


Beautiful Daughter, 

Sister   Granddaughter and Friend

They lingered near the entrance, it seemed a line went on for miles, Tears and sobs were heard throughout, so many faces, without a smile. And so many questions filled their minds, not one of them understood; How God could take Demi away, someone so young and truly good.

 For Demi gave of herself, to anyone around in need, there wasn't a day that didn't go by, without Demi performing good deeds.

She visited the local rest home, understood the hardships faced by the old, respected all the residents, and listened to the stories they told.

For she knew someday she could be there, standing alone in their place, So Demi cherished their wisdom, and the smiles she brought to their face.


Two parents stood in anguish, fighting hard and trying to grasp, how a tragic night, would change their lives oh in just a snap. And oh how their minds filled with questions, and how they just couldn't quite understand How God could take their daughter away with the swiftness of his hand.
For Demi gave them respect, she never gave them hard times, and she even did it in a way that was always kind. For she knew that someday she could be there, having a daughter of her own, So Demi cherished her parents, and the love she had at home.

Classmates circled in silence, struggling just to comprehend, Bewildered by what John had done, ( Murder )  that had robbed them of their good friend.

How in the world did it happen, why didn't God intervene? Why did God have to take Demi, who was filled with such hope and dreams?
Who always to them was a true friend, and to anyone in need. She didn't judge others by class, their color, their race or creed. For she knew someday she could be there, needing someone to turn to, So Demi valued each person, offering friendship so loyal and true.

There were pictures displayed all around, allowing everyone present to see, Times with Demi alive and well, times that never again were to be.
There was Demi wearing her cheerleading outfit, smiling her beautiful grin, playing with Jake and Saige, who knew the days were thin? Pictures from such a short lifetime, a life that no longer would be, and so many days that lay ahead, moments Demi would not get to see.

 In his hands he held Demi's Bible; he was to read from its pages that day, to try and make sense of what happened, why Demi's life was taken away.
And as all eyes focused upon him, people sobbed all around from their seats, the pastor from Demi's church, wondered what words he would speak
For how could he help bring them comfort, to put everyone's mind at rest, it seemed assuredly certain, God was putting his faith to the test?
And there with all eyes upon him, hundreds standing and sitting around, Inside Demi's bible was a piece of paper that was found.
And though it seemed impossible, it appeared God intervened with a plan, for the words on the paper before him, had been written by Demi's own hand.

So please listen intently as Demi's words fill the air, the words she speaks if you listen, you'll feel that she is there.

” The Lord is my strength and song, and he has become my salvation: He is my God and I will praise Him: my Father God and I will exalt Him".

So Please Bow your head and please pray, this is a valuable lesson Demi leaves to you today.
To be able to work through your sorrow, to pick yourself off the ground, and instead of living in sadness, choose to spread Demi's message around.
For God can't be blamed for our pain, we can't always hope for sunshine, we must see the beauty in rain.

    Take pride in the wisdom of knowing, that now she stands next to God's side,
For Demi was worthy of Heaven, she left many good things behind.
I Love You,  MOM 




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