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Michael Roberts

Memorial created 05-13-2008 by
Judee Erwin
Dawne Kaib
July 12 1970 - April 13 2008

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08-15-2016 6:32 PM -- By: Michael,  From: Pittsburgh  

 Thank you, for your caring thoughts and prayers. Today is most difficult for Demi's mother Jodi and her family

08-15-2016 6:01 PM -- By: Just a mom,  From: Tennessee  

I am just a mom, nothing so special about that. Just a mom who lost her son this past year. He was 30 years old. My heart broke when his heart stopped beating. I did not know your Demi Brae. But I do know loss. As a mom I get it. The missing them never stops. She was a beautiful girl, gone way too soon. I wanted to pay tribute to her today. It may be a hard day. You are not alone. Not today. She is with you in spirit, as my son is with me. Take care, mom, you are in my thoughts and prayers today. Always and forever Ryan P Frye's Mom Jeanne

06-05-2015 11:59 AM -- By: ,  From:  

  He Will Call ( Job 14:13-15 )


Life, like a mist, appears for just a day, Then disappears tomorrow. All that we are can quickly fade away, Replaced with tears and sorrow. If a man should die, can he live again? Hear the promise God has made: 

He will call; The dead will answer. They shall live at his command. For he will have a longing For the work of his own hand. So have faith, and do not wonder, For our God can make us stand. And we shall live forever, As the work of his own hand.

Friends of our God, though they may pass away, Will never be forsaken. All those asleep who in God’s mem’ry stay, From death he will awaken. Then we’ll come to see all that life can be: Paradise eternally.
(See also John 6:40; 11:11, 43; Jas. 4:14 .)


12-12-2014 12:38 AM -- By: Heather,  From: Washington  

 I am really sorry that you lost Demi Brae Cuccia.

Love Heather

08-30-2014 9:29 AM -- By: Tina,  From: Illinois  

Amazing job! She was an unbelieveable young lady taken too soon. Beautifully done.

05-23-2014 11:54 PM -- By: Smithd314,  From:  

05-23-2014 11:54 PM -- By: Johne114,  From: twweptpr  

05-23-2014 11:54 PM -- By: Johnb585,  From: twweptpr  

04-25-2014 12:57 PM -- By: catherine,  From: Brooklyn, NY  

I was living in Arnold, PA the summer of 2007.  I have never forgotten Demi's story.  Such a beautiful girl, loved by many.  You are doing a wonderful job educating teens and preventing another family from suffering a tragic loss. God is with you, and so is Demi. 

02-21-2014 10:55 PM -- By: Norma Baxter,  From: Conneaut Lake  

I truly don't know what to say. I am not good at writing. I will say that this is a lovely tribute to Demi!! I just found the card that Grandma Carol had given me a few yrs ago, and finally got up the courage to read this.

Love to all involved!!!!!!!

12-03-2013 7:36 PM -- By: Sheryl,  From: Spokane, WA  

I came across this sight by accident and have spent the last hour taking a look here. What a beautiful sight you have created for your daughter. I have a daughter who is 4 years older than Demi and I cannot imagine the pain you and your family have been going through for the last 6 years. I'm so very, very sorry for your loss. I had no idea that teen domestic abuse was so rampant. On August 20, 2007 my daughters good friend who was 19 was shot to death by a jealous ex. It was unthinkable to me how Nick's life could be taken in an instant and it changed our lives forever. May God and your daughter in heaven look over you, and your family until you meet again.

08-14-2013 6:01 PM -- By: Gram, Carole...,  From:  

From.. Carole L Roberts

August 14 2013
The only way that I’m able to face each and every unbearable day of pain and sorrow,      I know that the mighty hand of God is leading, guiding and strengthen me according to his will and his ways…
Until that day comes, that He calls me home to be re-united with my precious granddaughter Demi, forever and ever.
I miss you so very much and long to see you again…
Happy 22nd birthday
Your Gram, Carole

08-14-2013 5:46 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Thinking of you and all that we did together on your birthday day 6 years ago today.  I hope you can hear my heart, it talks and walks with you each and everyday...forever.

08-14-2013 10:22 AM -- By: Mike,  From:  

Today, August 14, 2013 is your birthday...

You would be a 22 year old beautiful young lady.

You are and always will be truly loved, and forever missed...

05-21-2013 8:11 PM -- By: Jordan,  From: Winchester Thurston  

Jodi came to talk to us and gave an amazing presentation that I will never forget rest in peace Demi you are truly missed

05-11-2013 9:02 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Dem, tomorrow is Mother's Day.  I miss you, remember you, long for you, grieve you, think of you and deeply love you.  Jake and Saige are taking me to brunch,  You will be on our hearts,  we see your empty chair.  You will be there in the world that each one of us has created to continue our lives in your absence.  Mommy loves you my beautiful daughter, give Bindle a kiss from  me, I was her Mommy too. xoxo

04-08-2013 8:23 PM -- By: Monica,  From: Hall  

Jesus Bless you and yours Jody!

04-01-2013 10:06 AM -- By: Izzah,  From: AoDSvvQHpqs  

Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on tohrugh.

03-30-2013 4:21 PM -- By: Gram, Carole,  From: Monroeville  

March 30 2013

How many more days Lord, must we awake to another day of unbearable numbing pain,
a crushed heart & spirit ?
How to give our anguish words,     there are none !!!
I see your face before me all day long,
my beautiful precious granddaughter, Demi…
I wish people would quit asking “How are you doing – better”   No, we are now part of the living dead.
God - you expect too much of us, you see how my family is suffering and I feel sometimes that you don’t even care, and that’s just the way it is...
God, help my family… Too much pain…
Too much pain… Sad, Easter
Gram, Carole

03-08-2013 10:36 AM -- By: Amber,  From:  

Demi, I just miss you so much. It's been 5 long years since I've seen you last but honestly It still feels like I saw you yesterday. I can't believe after so long it's still impossible for me to grasp that your not coming back. I cannot wait for the day we meet again. I just wish I had you here. I need my Bestfriend to talk to when I hate my boyfriend or just to keep me sane! And I don't have that and haven't had that since you've been gone. Noone will ever take your place Dem. You will always be my forever friend. I can't wait to have my own kids and tell them all about the greatest friend I have ever had. I'm so happy you made such an impact on my life. And I thank god he brought us so close for the time you were here. You would be 21 now and I know we would still be just as close as the last day I saw you. I wish I came over your house that day Demi. I'm so sorry I didn't, because maybe if I did you would still be here or at least something would have went different. I'm sorry. But you are in a better place and god is one lucky son of a gun to have you there. I miss you so much and love you to death Demi. Never will I ever forget you.

Best friends always. Amber<3

02-21-2013 10:07 PM -- By: jordan thomas,  From: Garden City Monroeville  

 I didnt know demi personally but i met her a few times through my older brother who was johns best friend Tony Ross im so sorry for the lost and i think about this everytime i hear of an abusive relationship may demi rest with god

02-15-2013 12:48 AM -- By: Family,  From:  

Always thinking and wondering... who you would be today... Your family misses you ... beyond end

02-13-2013 10:49 AM -- By: Brittany S.,  From: Monroeville  


There isn't a day where you don't cross my mind, but lately thoughts of you and that beautiful face have been constant - each time a more confused look seems to take over my face...Simply because, I guess I still cannot believe that you are dead and gone, that you can't come back, and the worst of all...How you were taken. 

" Demi's gone? No...she can't be...." seems to be my response when I think of all of these overwhelming things. 


All I can think of now is your struggle for life....I believe with all my heart that you fought Dem, you fought hard....I can't imagine, none of us will be able to know what you went through that day...But I know it was hell and it hurts my heart so bad.

An angel on Earth to your friends and family, and now an angel in Heaven you are. 


Now that I've re-read everything I've just typed...I am still in disbelief.

When can we wakeup from this nightmare?

Come Home Demi..


We miss you. I miss you.

I love you babygrl. 

- Britty <3

02-07-2013 9:35 PM -- By: ruth yusko,  From: greensburg  

02-02-2013 9:51 PM -- By: Dr. Jeff Townley,  From: Walker county, Alabama  

Gary,Jodi, Jacob and Saige, I am so sorry, I just found out about Demi Brae. I have read every post on the memorial and watched every tribute video on youtube and I have never cried so much in my life. I wish I could have been there for all of you and I wish I could do something for you now. We had a picture on our refrigerator for years of the kids. We got it in a Christmas card not long after we all moved home. Wendy came in and said what are you doing and I said I'm trying to find Gary Cuccia on Facebook. I just checked Gary and Jake now I'm going to try Demi and saige. Of course when I entered it I was directed to her memorial and as soon as I seen her face I knew it was her. We had some great memories in Georgia I was just thinking about us watching superbowl 26 at y'all s house just before you moved home. We love all of you and I will pray daily for you all. Sincerely, Jeff Wendy and Drew Ryland

02-02-2013 9:17 PM -- By: Judy,  From:  

Thank you for stopping by my son's memorial.  I was revisited your precious daughter's site tonight and she was such an amazing young woman.  I pray for peace for your family.  This journey of grief is so hard and at most times, hard to understand.  May you feel God's loving embrace surround you always. Sending loving thoughts and prayers.

01-25-2013 3:28 PM -- By: Mom To Michael Miller,  From: Alabama  

Precious Lord above please give this angel a gentle hug. She was so beautiful and too young to die. She has left her family and friends behind to cry. Rest In Peace Precious Demi.

01-22-2013 7:46 AM -- By: Karen & Phill,  From: Norfolk, VA  


Thank you For Visiting Our Sons Guestbook,  God Bless you And Your Family..

Thoughts and Prayers For You And Your Family, We Are Sorry About Your Precious Daughter, No Parent Should Loose Their Child No Matter What The Circumstances Are,   I Pray Her Abuser Was Punished For What He Did To Her.    May You/We All Find Comfort And Strength Through God When We Need It The Most.

01-20-2013 6:14 PM -- By: Kaytlyn,  From: Washington  

When I heard Demi's story I was just in tears. I felt so bad, and can't understand why he did this. She was a beautiful young girl who loved life. And I carry her story everywhere I go.

01-03-2013 4:34 PM -- By: Charla,  From: IvRzVbrFMytnyVGxj  

Deep thought! Thanks for contributnig.


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